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Tired of paying money to Facebook and Google and you can’t track any actual return from ads?

Have you wasted valuable time trying to figure out how to make digital ads profitable?

Then you’ve come to the right place. If you are a business owner that is wasting thousands of dollars on digital ads a without getting a positive return on your investment?

…You’d want to fix it right away, yeah?

Luckily there is hope, and the formula is simple.

We use machine learning and data analytics to get your top-performing ads in front of the right audiences and just at the right time.

Getting YOU more customers who convert.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you implement data-driven ads to grow your business, then let’s chat over a call, coffee, tea or something stronger.


Our process for creating, building & launching data-driven digital ads that



We have put together a template from testing over thousand landing pages that we know what it takes to create a high-converting landing page.


Whether you have run in the past ads or not, we will explore potential opportunities and untapped audiences to expand on what has been worked before.


When you get the offer right, your ad cost becomes cheaper, we’ll review:

—Your offer needs to be perceived as high quality or valuable by your target audience.

—Be tailored to the right buyer persona at the right time.


This is the most effective and the fastest way to validate your creatives and audiences — the two most important aspects of Facebook Ads.
This testing phase will help us scale your ads, reduce your Cost-per-click and achieve better Return on Ad Spent (ROAs).


We will implement Conversion API in your site to capture conversions originated from Facebook ad campaigns more effectively

—This has resulted in 20% more conversions captured than using Facebook Pixel alone.


The biggest capability of machine learning is that it can process huge amounts of data to make predictions. Then, we use it to detect signals and get your ad in front of the right person at the right time.



Data driven growth minus the guesswork.

Our certified Facebook Ads professionals are ready to work with you on your plan. We have a team of data-driven experts who will help fill in the gaps so that every investment is worth its weight!

Here's what you get in our FREE strategy call

Growth Personalised Plan: A custom designed strategic plan which brings in quick wins, along with some longer term strategies for growth. Traffic Analysis: We’ll reveal where to find the best clients and ‘hyperactive buyers’ in your industry or niche. 360 Competitor Analysis: We’ll use our advanced in-house tools to look ‘under the hood’ and spy on your top competitors. Uncovering their most lucrative traffic sources, landing pages, ads and even referral traffic. BONUS (This month only): We will audit your website tracking pixels and events to make sure your tracking conversions in a post iOS 14 world.
  • Free Audit Facebook Pixel server side data.
  • Free Audit Facebook CAPI events.
  • Free Audit Google enhanced conversion events.

*All this is valued at $979.95 for FREE from our 30 minute discovery call!



We are a     ROAs         Conversion         Data         Profit     driven agency

We specialise in growing tourism and local businesses. Unlike other agencies, we don’t hide behind vanity metrics like followers or likes – the only thing you’ll hear us talk about is your revenue goals and how we are overcoming the challenges of turning lookers into bookers.

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Why Lab7?

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Our philosophy

Engaging your audience with the right message is important but trusting the data when delivering digital campaigns is everything. Both approaches are at the centre of our marketing strategies when it comes to creating, building and launching successful digital ads for our clients in the leisure and entertainment industries. Isn’t it time you got to the next level?

Process-oriented agency

We are always striving to improve the way in which we do things. As new technologies emerge, so do our methods – adjusting procedures from research and ideation all of the way to implementation, which allow us to be able to provide the best possible service for your company’s needs.

The team

The special sauce of Lab7 is our awesome team of experts. We never shy away from a challenge. This is why we understand the value of learning. We make ideas happen quickly, we take pride in the quality of our work, and we’re here to empower your business!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing how to integrate any booking platform with Facebook has given us a competitive edge over other agencies, allowing for more effective campaign tracking and more data points for the algorithm to find you the right customers. With over 1000 campaigns under our belt, all of which are leveraging from out proven frameworks made for landing pages to email automation and more to boost bookings

Yes, Facebook has one of the most advanced algorithms when it comes to targeting capabilities available today.


Facebook currently stands as the third most-visited website in the world, so bringing Facebook advertising into your strategy is a must.

Lab7 has invested thousands of hours in researching and working with FB Reps to develop a bulletproof process for Facebook advertising for your industry

Have you ever wondered how you started seeing ads about things you didn’t expect but secretly wanted at the right time?


Well, this magical effect is called “Machine Learning”, which uses algorithms to analyse your customer profiles, your interests, your current friends and their friends and various other factors to calculate when to serve you an ad about a particular product/service and the right time.

Being at the forefront and introducing innovation before the competition has become a critical success factor in a rapidly changing world. 


Today the strongest and most innovative companies win competitive challenges thanks to AI. Great changes start from small choices pursued over time. In 4 years, a business without AI will no longer be a business. 


AI and Machine learning technologies help our team of strategists by enabling them to make effective and more calculated decisions when it comes to budgeting and scaling ads.

Be an innovator and switch now before your competitors!

Between 2-5 working days, and that includes new ad accounts. During this time, our team will develop and design high-converting landing pages that are optimised to turn your lookers into bookers.

If we have high-quality creatives and an appealing offer, then early results will come in week one; but if not – it could take up to four weeks until our first campaign has finished the “learning phase”.

If we have high-quality creatives and an appealing offer, then early results will come in week one; but if not – it could take up to four weeks until our first campaign has finished the “learning phase”. 

That’s just how the Facebook algorithm works.

The time frame for a new ad account can vary depending on the type of content you have available; this will be recognised in the research phase.

At Lab7, we keep it simple – We have locking contracts and no hidden fees. We trust our results speak for themselves. 

Our motto is Data-driven growth minus the guesswork! 


You’ll never be left guessing how and where your budget was spent, because every campaign gets its own report, so there’s nothing but hard facts from us at all times.


We pride ourselves on the importance of building a strong, trusting relationship with our clients. Our goal is to be completely transparent from start to finish so you can focus on simply growing your business.

No surprises, no hidden fees. This is why all our work is laid out in the initial quote.

CAPI (Conversions application programming interface) is one of the most crucial components if you are running Facebook ads campaigns. CAPI creates a direct connection between your website server and the Facebook system. As a result, it gives more accurate data than only having FB pixel installed on your website.

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