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Business Basics Grants Program

Small businesses


Applications open 31 May 2021

Applications close when (whichever happens first): We receive sufficient applications for a competitive assessment or 30 June 2021.

Note: This grant program is competitively assessed. Not all applications will be funded.

Eligible Services

  • Business development, marketing, human resources or business planning topics
  • Training or coaching
  • Website build or upgrade (including website refresh)
  • Adding e-commerce
  • Developing new website content
  • Strategic marketing plans including search engine optimisation advice
  • Business continuity or succession plans
  • Cybersafety training and tools
  • Activities bought using cryptocurrencies, barter, or services in-kind
  • General business operating costs (e.g. bookkeeping or accounting, tax returns)
  • Real estate/property, hire, lease, or rental fees
  • Goods, services, or fees from related parties (include companies with common shareholdings or directors, employees or immediate family)
  • Travel
  • Franchise fees
  • Purchase of stock
  • GST, registration, and fees
  • Maintenance of existing digital technologies
  • Computer hardware (e.g. computer servers, PCs, tablets/iPads, mobile phones)
  • Activities purchased via direct selling (e.g. by party plan or network marketing)
  • Delivery, credit card and transaction fees
  • Memberships and joining fees
  • Salaries
  • Fleet vehicles
  • Website hosting
  • Advertising campaign delivery (e.g. Google AdWords, Facebook advertising or similar expenses).

How To Apply

Applications open on 31 May 2021. Start preparing your application now.

Prepare your documentation:

  • A certified statutory declaration from the business’s owner or director stating the business:
    • Does not have a annual turnover exceeding $300,000
    • Meets all grant eligibility criteria
  • A proposal detailing the activities you will purchase
  • Supplier quotes detailing who will undertake the work, description of services, and outline key activities (no more than 2 quotes and the total must equal at least $5,000 before GST).

Start your application (form available on 31 May 2021).

Detailed Application Process

Step 1: Online Application

Step 2: Assessment

Step 3: Notification of outcome

Step 4: Funding agreement and payment

Step 5: Recipients complete activities

Step 6: Survey