Are you using Roller to track digital ad conversions for your attraction park? If so, then you would have also been affected by Apple’s new privacy updates.

The days of easy wins and massive returns on ad spend (ROAs) are gone.

At least, that’s what we hear from business owners who are reminiscing about the good old days…

They see their ad costs increasing. Campaign insights are now unreliable because access to user data is now limited and detailed targeting is no longer effective.

This results in you pumping more and more cash into your ad spend.

As far as you’ve seen, you don’t think you’re making as much money as you should!

But there’s still a way that you haven’t been told about…

After working for years with park owners that use the Roller platform, we found a way to work around Apple’s changes. You can still increase your ad performance and turn more lookers into bookers!

What did we do?

Our solution is Conversion API (CAPI). CAPI is a Facebook Business Tool that lets advertisers share customer actions more accurately directly to Facebook post-Apple’s new updates era.

CAPI works alongside the Facebook Pixel to help advertisers improve their Facebook ad campaigns’ performance, measurement and data collection.

Jereon from Smart Segments was able to create & implement a Webhooks integration that allowed us to bridge the gap between Facebook Conversions and Roller

This was how we used CAPI effectively for clients like Gold Coast Wake Park. We captured conversions that originated from their Facebook ad campaigns—resulting in 20% more conversions captured than using Facebook Pixel alone.

CAPI doesn’t need expensive coding.

CAPI also doesn’t need you to make expensive IT hires or outsource big web development teams. We at Lab7 can easily work with other partners to set up our clients’ Roller accounts within just two weeks!

This was on top of us still doing the work of actually designing ads, improving their marketing content and enhancing our clients’ digital brand. This was how we managed to create, build and launch data-driven digital ads that generate profit that can be easily tracked.

CAPI reduces ad spend while winning you customers.

Since it lets you capture conversions, CAPI makes it easier to identify ads that bring in a lot of bookings without spending so much just to do so.

This same conversion data can even be used to help Facebook algorithms find you more audiences and bring an even bigger bang for your advertising buck! There is no need to go in circles to ‘game the system’ or have your graphic designers rework an ad for the umpteenth time.

But more importantly, it has helped our marketers prepare for everything else that’s still coming.

CAPI is the first step to a cookie-less future.

At this point, it’s worth mentioning that the reason why CAPI exists is the same reason why access to user data has been restricted by companies like Apple.

We are all moving closer to a world of more privacy-sensitive advertising.

We’ve got to face the music. The idea of companies being able to track user behavior across the entire internet is just not acceptable anymore. Many businesses, in turn, don’t want to be affiliated with such practices. You certainly don’t want your own attraction brand to be guilty of this either. It could lose you more customers!

Thus, you have brands being transparent about tracking while giving users the choice to opt-out. Popular browsers are now also phasing out third-party cookies.

Technologies like CAPI will enable you to adopt an approach that is less intrusive while still knowing how your customers are learning about your wonderful park. It lets your advertisers focus solely on a customer’s Roller triggers (bookings, cancellations, date changes etc) rather than on things that are irrelevant and potentially infringe on privacy.

Overall, it’s a nice, middle-ground approach that lets your marketers know which ads are working well and keep costs down to healthy levels. Everybody wins!

Still worried that CAPI may be too much work? Call us and we’ll do it for you! Start getting better ad performance without having to spend another extra dollar on them!

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